Create the best cupcakes within the time limit! ✨🍰
“Cupcake Fever★” is a fun and easy casual game where you become a patissier, racing against time to fulfill various requests.
Diverse Flavors – Craft the ultimate cupcake with a variety of toppings including fruits, chocolate, and cookies.
Level Up – Progress through the game to take on more complex and unique orders, honing your skills.
Time Challenge – Test your speed and technique to see how many orders you can complete within the time limit.
Ranking Battle – Compete against other players for the highest score and aim for the title of top patissier!
How to play
1.You’ll get an order from a customer.
2.Look at the order form and select the toppings to make the same cupcakes.
3.If you make a mistake, click the “DISPOSE” button.
4.When you have made the cupcakes as ordered, press the “PROVODE” button to give them to the customer.
Start your sweet and enjoyable patissier life today with “Cupcake Fever★,” featuring cute characters and a pop design. Download now and begin your sweet challenge!
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